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Yes, indeed, the cryptocurrency market is still dominated by Bitcoin. Still, there are many other competitive digital assets in the market that one should not miss while thinking about best crypto to invest in 2022  . These digital assets are also known as alternative coins or Altcoins. So many alternative coins are floating in the market, so investors should have a clear idea of how Altcoins have differed from Bitcoin and how they can make your portfolio much more enjoyable.

Yes, it is also true. Bitcoin’s first cryptocurrency came into the limelight, but why did Altcoins go into the market? Altcoin came with improved features that are not present in Bitcoin, but the technology is quite similar used in Bitcoin. So, you can say Altcoins are the enhanced version of Bitcoin. Along with other alternative coins, they have merit to the investors.

You usually see if Bitcoin raise, most of the Altcoins rise in value. At the same time, if Bitcoin goes down, they are also going down eventually because Bitcoin already has 50% of the crypto market.

Category of Crypto investors:

You usually see two kinds of top crypto investor One who invests on a larger scale on a safer side can gain massive profit in minimum time, but it can affect your investment on the negative side, and you may also face massive amounts of loss. Such investors invest in Bitcoin as it is of high value. The second kind of investors who do not have an interest in investing a huge amount to earn more profit invest money in low priced currency and wait to rise in its value. So it depends upon the investors’ mindset and what they are looking for in their investments.

What is Bitcoin?
Bitcoin is a digital currency that operates free from any central authority, and it relies on peer-to-peer software’s and cryptography.

A public ledger records all the Bitcoin transactions, and copies of those transactions are held on the server across the world. Any set of computers and another electronic gadget set up on these servers are called nodes. All the transactions are stored on each node, and the cryptography secures it. Every transaction is broadcast publicly and share to the network from one node to another node. Whatever transaction is being done is a record at the public ledger.

Santoshi Nakamoto discovered Bitcoin in 2008, and the main convention behind bringing Bitcoin into the market is the trust that is required to make it work.

Problem with the Bitcoin:
The primary problem with the Bitcoin is mining system, and it is enormously energy hungry. Bitcoin mining requires a lot of energy and makes it work perfectly. Some critics consider Bitcoin is perfect for regulating the black market.

So if you are making up your mind for the best crypto to invest in 2022, Bitcoin could be the best choice for you.

Benefits of Investing in Bitcoin:
 Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin has been creating a big buzz nowadays, and it is considered one of the risk-free investments than other high-risk investments. Though crypto investment is highly volatile, you need to be aware of its benefits to help you make a proper decision before making a Bitcoin investment.

Effortless Transaction:
.Transaction through Bitcoin can be done quickly at a significantly lower price.
.Bitcoin transactions are highly private than other best cryptocurrency trade
.One can use a mobile phone, exchange and hardware wallet to send or receive the Bitcoin.
.One can buy Bitcoin with cash at some Bitcoin ATM.
.You don’t need a bank account always to use Bitcoin.
.You can purchase Bitcoin using cash on some ATM and send it to your mobile phone.
.People are still lacking to access the conventional financial system, which will be one of the most significant benefits of investing in Bitcoin.

There are certain benefits of investing in Bitcoin:

Quick and low costly:
.It is speedy, and one can send money from source to destination in a few minutes.
.Transferring money via any bank to another part of the world is very costly, while with Bitcoin, moving .costs are negligible.
.Bitcoin does not include geographical limitations.
.The significant benefit of having Bitcoin is the right to make the payment instantly.
.Bitcoin investors can send or receive money anytime, anywhere without restrictions.
Bitcoin is accessible by any currency.
Industrial Growth expansion:
.The Bitcoin market is considered one of the biggest and quickest growing markets.
.As per the report, the entire market cap was around 1.6 billion in 2013, and it is expected to increase by more than 1.4 trillion in June 2021.
Decentralized insurance:
.No government or central Government can regulate the value of Bitcoin, and no one can create or destroy it.
.There is no interference of the third party
.No one has the authority of freezing, demand, charging your Bitcoin
.Most important, it is not stolen by anyone
.It cannot seize by the Government in any circumstances
.Your Bitcoin is protected by two keys which are public key or private key

Minimal risk of Fraud:

.Suppose you are looking for the best penny cryptocurrency to invest in 2022. In that case, you can keep .Bitcoin at the top of the list because whatever transaction you make using Bitcoin, you do not require to .disclose your financial information to anyone.
.It is not actual cash but has value like traditional currency, but digital money. So it is very tough to hack Bitcoin by hackers.
.Investors have absolute power over Bitcoin and its transactions. So they are more secure, stable and transparent.
.The entire transactions are created on Blockchain technology, which provides high-level security to the investor’s funds. 
24*7 operational Market:
The best cryptocurrency market is open 24 hours every day and seven days a week without any exception.

So if you are looking for the best crypto to invest in 2022, Bitcoin could be the best choice.
Does the question come if Bitcoin is the better for crypto investment then what the need of Altcoin revolution and why did it come into the limelight?

There are specific reasons behind bringing Altcoin into existence which is:

First of all, Bitcoin coins are limited, and those who have invested in Bitcoin are getting a good return on their investment. However, there are still so many people looking for their future in crypto investment with a limited budget. So such types of necessities are behind for Altcoin revolutions.

So, if you are looking to invest in cryptocurrency and searching best cryptocurrency to buy, you should look through Altcoin. Still, it is indispensable to understand Altcoin and its regulation before making any crypto investment.

So, let us know more details about Altcoin and its regulation.

What is Altcoin?

The term “Altcoin” is the made up with two word “alternative” and “Coin”, and it means simply a Cryptocurrency other than Bitcoin. In simple words, one can understand all the cryptocurrencies are the Altcoin other than Bitcoin.

More than 5000 Altcoins are regulating the currency crypto market and providing a choice to choose the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2022.

Below is the top most popular cryptocurrencies are following:
.USD Coin
.Shiba Inu
You can choose the best cryptocurrency to buy for investment purposes. Still, before investing with Altcoin, you should compare Altcoins with Bitcoin to understand which one is better for crypto investment.

What is the difference between Altcoins and Bitcoin?

First of all, mining with Bitcoin is quite complex, and it is required more energy to mine it, while on the other side, Altcoin can be mined from any computer, which makes it more convenient than Bitcoin.

Buying Altcoin is much easier than buying Bitcoin and you should follow some simple steps to buy Altcoin.

Investing with Altcoin is much cheaper than Bitcoin as it gained a higher value. So if you invest today with Bitcoin, you will get a chance to have fewer margins during its value fluctuation. Still, in Altcoin, if you invest today, there will be a higher chance to multiply your crypto portfolio in fewer times.

The Bitcoin Market cap is worth over $1 trillion, and it is considered one of the oldest cryptocurrencies in the market, while other Altcoins are not even closer to it.

The concept is clear whether you should invest in Bitcoin and in which circumstances Altcoin is the best for crypto investment. If you are looking for the best penny cryptocurrency to invest in 2022 and your objective is to buy and hold it for some time, then invest in Altcoin. If you have enough budgets, you can go with the Bitcoin investment to get an instant return from your crypto investment.

Benefits of Investing Altcoin:
There are two primary reasons to invest in Altcoins. First, you can store Altcoin for a more extended period with the hope the value of Altcoin will be rise significantly, and second, you can increase their BTC stack by selling those Altcoins when their price rises.

Moreover, there are some other advantages of investing in Altcoins in 2022, which are given below.

Space for evolution:
The future of the process and system is unique, and it offers a wide range of evolution.
Unique functionality:
Like Bitcoin, Altcoin also offers several built-in functionalities; that’s why it is more than just a token.
Less price fluctuation than Bitcoin:
This is one of the best benefits of investing in Altcoin. The price fluctuation of the Altcoins is generally lower than the Bitcoin. So whatever amount you invest in the Altcoin will not be affected much.
Trading with Altcoin is much easier than Bitcoin. So completion to invest in the Altcoin is much lesser than the Bitcoin, and because of it, you can easily invest in these digital assets within a minute.

Should you invest in Altcoin?
As the bottom line, Altcoin is an excellent alternative to the cryptocurrency market for those more interested in diversifying their portfolio.

What are Altcoins here to stay?
Some Altcoins are impossible to say that they will fail in the future due to having millions of users and revenue. Some Altcoins already have millions of users, and crypto investment with these Altcoins is considered pretty safe.

It is running on 1% of the total crypto market, and its growth has been seen some time greater than the Bitcoin.

It covered 2% of the total market, and it has zero expectations to meet, and it can run without any further support.

It is in the market because it has found its niche, and it does not require any funds. It runs on advanced technology to remain in the completion in the coming years.

It is running with the coverage of 3%, and they make so much money and have so much adoption.

It has solid fundamentals and recent solid price action.

It is considered one of the best emerging crypto tokens at a low price compared to other Altcoin. DCXa has earned its place in the investor’s mind as it has provided 20x returns in just four months. It came to the market with a strong vision and mission and could stay in the crypto market for a more extended period.

These are the best Altcoin which one should not miss while looking for the best cryptocurrency to invest today. Now you understand which one is the best for starting your crypto journey, whether you should go with Bitcoin or Altcoin and which circumstances Bitcoin is best than Altcoin and vice versa.