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Yes, indeed, the cryptocurrency market is still dominated by Bitcoin. Still, there are many other competitive digital assets in the market that one should not miss while thinking about best crypto to invest in 2022  . These digital assets are also known as alternative coins or Altcoins. So many alternative coins are floating in the market, so investors should have a clear idea of how Altcoins have differed from Bitcoin and how they can make your portfolio much more enjoyable.

Yes, it is also true. Bitcoin’s first cryptocurrency came into the limelight, but why did Altcoins go into the market? Altcoin came with improved features that are not present in Bitcoin, but the technology is quite similar used in Bitcoin. So, you can say Altcoins are the enhanced version of Bitcoin. Along with other alternative coins, they have merit to the investors.

You usually see if Bitcoin raise, most of the Altcoins rise in value. At the same time, if Bitcoin goes down, they are also going down eventually because Bitcoin already has 50% of the crypto market.

Category of Crypto investors:

You usually see two kinds of top crypto investor One who invests on a larger scale on a safer side can gain massive profit in minimum time, but it can affect your investment on the negative side, and you may also face massive amounts of loss. Such investors invest in Bitcoin as it is of high value. The second kind of investors who do not have an interest in investing a huge amount to earn more profit invest money in low priced currency and wait to rise in its value. So it depends upon the investors’ mindset and what they are looking for in their investments.

What is Bitcoin?
Bitcoin is a digital currency that operates free from any central authority, and it relies on peer-to-peer software’s and cryptography.

A public ledger records all the Bitcoin transactions, and copies of those transactions are held on the server across the world. Any set of computers and another electronic gadget set up on these servers are called nodes. All the transactions are stored on each node, and the cryptography secures it. Every transaction is broadcast publicly and share to the network from one node to another node. Whatever transaction is being done is a record at the public ledger.

Santoshi Nakamoto discovered Bitcoin in 2008, and the main convention behind bringing Bitcoin into the market is the trust that is required to make it work.

Problem with the Bitcoin:
The primary problem with the Bitcoin is mining system, and it is enormously energy hungry. Bitcoin mining requires a lot of energy and makes it work perfectly. Some critics consider Bitcoin is perfect for regulating the black market.

So if you are making up your mind for the best crypto to invest in 2022, Bitcoin could be the best choice for you.

Benefits of Investing in Bitcoin:
 Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin has been creating a big buzz nowadays, and it is considered one of the risk-free investments than other high-risk investments. Though crypto investment is highly volatile, you need to be aware of its benefits to help you make a proper decision before making a Bitcoin investment.

Effortless Transaction:
.Transaction through Bitcoin can be done quickly at a significantly lower price.
.Bitcoin transactions are highly private than other best cryptocurrency trade
.One can use a mobile phone, exchange and hardware wallet to send or receive the Bitcoin.
.One can buy Bitcoin with cash at some Bitcoin ATM.
.You don’t need a bank account always to use Bitcoin.
.You can purchase Bitcoin using cash on some ATM and send it to your mobile phone.
.People are still lacking to access the conventional financial system, which will be one of the most significant benefits of investing in Bitcoin.

There are certain benefits of investing in Bitcoin:

Quick and low costly:
.It is speedy, and one can send money from source to destination in a few minutes.
.Transferring money via any bank to another part of the world is very costly, while with Bitcoin, moving .costs are negligible.
.Bitcoin does not include geographical limitations.
.The significant benefit of having Bitcoin is the right to make the payment instantly.
.Bitcoin investors can send or receive money anytime, anywhere without restrictions.
Bitcoin is accessible by any currency.
Industrial Growth expansion:
.The Bitcoin market is considered one of the biggest and quickest growing markets.
.As per the report, the entire market cap was around 1.6 billion in 2013, and it is expected to increase by more than 1.4 trillion in June 2021.
Decentralized insurance:
.No government or central Government can regulate the value of Bitcoin, and no one can create or destroy it.
.There is no interference of the third party
.No one has the authority of freezing, demand, charging your Bitcoin
.Most important, it is not stolen by anyone
.It cannot seize by the Government in any circumstances
.Your Bitcoin is protected by two keys which are public key or private key

Minimal risk of Fraud:

.Suppose you are looking for the best penny cryptocurrency to invest in 2022. In that case, you can keep .Bitcoin at the top of the list because whatever transaction you make using Bitcoin, you do not require to .disclose your financial information to anyone.
.It is not actual cash but has value like traditional currency, but digital money. So it is very tough to hack Bitcoin by hackers.
.Investors have absolute power over Bitcoin and its transactions. So they are more secure, stable and transparent.
.The entire transactions are created on Blockchain technology, which provides high-level security to the investor’s funds. 
24*7 operational Market:
The best cryptocurrency market is open 24 hours every day and seven days a week without any exception.

So if you are looking for the best crypto to invest in 2022, Bitcoin could be the best choice.
Does the question come if Bitcoin is the better for crypto investment then what the need of Altcoin revolution and why did it come into the limelight?

There are specific reasons behind bringing Altcoin into existence which is:

First of all, Bitcoin coins are limited, and those who have invested in Bitcoin are getting a good return on their investment. However, there are still so many people looking for their future in crypto investment with a limited budget. So such types of necessities are behind for Altcoin revolutions.

So, if you are looking to invest in cryptocurrency and searching best cryptocurrency to buy, you should look through Altcoin. Still, it is indispensable to understand Altcoin and its regulation before making any crypto investment.

So, let us know more details about Altcoin and its regulation.

What is Altcoin?

The term “Altcoin” is the made up with two word “alternative” and “Coin”, and it means simply a Cryptocurrency other than Bitcoin. In simple words, one can understand all the cryptocurrencies are the Altcoin other than Bitcoin.

More than 5000 Altcoins are regulating the currency crypto market and providing a choice to choose the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2022.

Below is the top most popular cryptocurrencies are following:
.USD Coin
.Shiba Inu
You can choose the best cryptocurrency to buy for investment purposes. Still, before investing with Altcoin, you should compare Altcoins with Bitcoin to understand which one is better for crypto investment.

What is the difference between Altcoins and Bitcoin?

First of all, mining with Bitcoin is quite complex, and it is required more energy to mine it, while on the other side, Altcoin can be mined from any computer, which makes it more convenient than Bitcoin.

Buying Altcoin is much easier than buying Bitcoin and you should follow some simple steps to buy Altcoin.

Investing with Altcoin is much cheaper than Bitcoin as it gained a higher value. So if you invest today with Bitcoin, you will get a chance to have fewer margins during its value fluctuation. Still, in Altcoin, if you invest today, there will be a higher chance to multiply your crypto portfolio in fewer times.

The Bitcoin Market cap is worth over $1 trillion, and it is considered one of the oldest cryptocurrencies in the market, while other Altcoins are not even closer to it.

The concept is clear whether you should invest in Bitcoin and in which circumstances Altcoin is the best for crypto investment. If you are looking for the best penny cryptocurrency to invest in 2022 and your objective is to buy and hold it for some time, then invest in Altcoin. If you have enough budgets, you can go with the Bitcoin investment to get an instant return from your crypto investment.

Benefits of Investing Altcoin:
There are two primary reasons to invest in Altcoins. First, you can store Altcoin for a more extended period with the hope the value of Altcoin will be rise significantly, and second, you can increase their BTC stack by selling those Altcoins when their price rises.

Moreover, there are some other advantages of investing in Altcoins in 2022, which are given below.

Space for evolution:
The future of the process and system is unique, and it offers a wide range of evolution.
Unique functionality:
Like Bitcoin, Altcoin also offers several built-in functionalities; that’s why it is more than just a token.
Less price fluctuation than Bitcoin:
This is one of the best benefits of investing in Altcoin. The price fluctuation of the Altcoins is generally lower than the Bitcoin. So whatever amount you invest in the Altcoin will not be affected much.
Trading with Altcoin is much easier than Bitcoin. So completion to invest in the Altcoin is much lesser than the Bitcoin, and because of it, you can easily invest in these digital assets within a minute.

Should you invest in Altcoin?
As the bottom line, Altcoin is an excellent alternative to the cryptocurrency market for those more interested in diversifying their portfolio.

What are Altcoins here to stay?
Some Altcoins are impossible to say that they will fail in the future due to having millions of users and revenue. Some Altcoins already have millions of users, and crypto investment with these Altcoins is considered pretty safe.

It is running on 1% of the total crypto market, and its growth has been seen some time greater than the Bitcoin.

It covered 2% of the total market, and it has zero expectations to meet, and it can run without any further support.

It is in the market because it has found its niche, and it does not require any funds. It runs on advanced technology to remain in the completion in the coming years.

It is running with the coverage of 3%, and they make so much money and have so much adoption.

It has solid fundamentals and recent solid price action.

It is considered one of the best emerging crypto tokens at a low price compared to other Altcoin. DCXa has earned its place in the investor’s mind as it has provided 20x returns in just four months. It came to the market with a strong vision and mission and could stay in the crypto market for a more extended period.

These are the best Altcoin which one should not miss while looking for the best cryptocurrency to invest today. Now you understand which one is the best for starting your crypto journey, whether you should go with Bitcoin or Altcoin and which circumstances Bitcoin is best than Altcoin and vice versa.

Investing in cryptocurrency over the long term has been considered more profitable because the crypto market is quite volatile. Hence, one has to wait for a longer period to get the best of the return from the investment. So most experts say if you are looking for new cryptocurrency to invest always go new cryptocurrency to invest in the long term.

But it is very important to know about the market before investing. For example, you invest in cryptocurrency, but its value is not increasing over the period, or it is on its constant value, in this case, it will not be beneficial for you. Always perform deep research to find out the last month, last year performance of a particular cryptocurrency. If it grows day by day, you can invest in it for the longer term to get the best output.

For the longer term, cryptocurrency investment is considered one of the simple ways to invest because the new investor does not know more about its regulation.

So first, invest in cryptocurrency for the long term to see whether it is going positively or negatively.

Many cryptocurrencies are regulated in the crypto market over the long term. Many of them have proved themselves radically in their value. Even many of the assets have billions of dollars of market capitalization.

Here we will focus on the largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization as many of them have best-in-class long term investment proposals.

Investment in cryptocurrency long term

Investment in cryptocurrency for the longer term is quite beneficial when you expect its value to increase over time. Usually, the investment must be maintained for a minimum of six months up to one year. In some cases, long term crypto investors plan to hold the cryptocurrency for multiple years, and increment made in the parts and dollar-cost averaging is a great strategy for other investors. 

The primary benefits associated with long term investing in cryptocurrency

There are three benefits of having a long term investment in cryptocurrencies which are:

Past growth history:

Over the past five years, some indices have provided similar returns in such period while on the other side, S&P provides up to 60% returns in the past five years. Such has happened for almost five years throughout the history of the market. Over the same period, the cryptocurrency market has been appreciated by around 10,000%. So, rather than investing in any other investment, choose the best cryptocurrency to buy for the longer term to get the best outcome in the future. 

Lower fee:

At present, whatever transaction you make in cryptocurrency trade you have to pay a small amount of fee to the respective exchange for it. In contrast, if you choose the best cryptocurrency to invest in the long term, you do not need to pay the transaction fee each time. You can leave your investment alone after purchase, and you are not incurring any trading fee. Long-term investors do not trade daily and do not reduce the profit by trading fees.

Less risky:

When you make a short-term investment in cryptocurrency and like to sudden move in or out, you are putting your investment at risk. If you invest in cryptocurrency for a longer period, you are increasing more profitable opportunities while you are outside the market. One important thing that needs to note that if you are interested in long-term investment, you are keeping yourself connected to the crypto market all the time. 

Long term investment strategies:

Before choosing the best cryptocurrency to invest in the long term, you must have a clear idea about your investment objectives like:

  • Will you sell the cryptocurrency once it reaches its highest value after a certain period?
  • Will you sell a certain portion of the cryptocurrency after a specific period?
  • Are you looking to trade short term or long term?
  • If new rules are applied on the cryptocurrency, and you think that it could affect your investment and you are planning it to sell out before affecting your investment
  • It is quite convenient to pay little research to decide which cryptocurrency is the most convenient to invest in the long term and whether you should go with recommended cryptocurrency to buy for a safe future.

How to choose crypto assets for the long term?

Keeping eyes on the utility values, crypto token volume, transactions, technology working behind, and market news is how to find the best cryptocurrency to invest in long term.

Here are some questions that need to ask before analyzing particular cryptocurrency is best for long term

Market share:

You should know how much market share this cryptocurrency has against the other cryptocurrency? Greater market share indicates the dominant position. Be sure to match with other similar crypto projects. 

Utility value:

Is your chosen cryptocurrency available for market use and the underlying purpose of aiming it is, and is it feasible to serve the purpose? Is it useful or not? It is likely to be accepted worldwide. If you see your cryptocurrency fit to all, this condition can consider as one of the good investments.

Value of the transaction:

How people are using the cryptocurrency for the transaction and whether it serves the purpose. Is the crypto value is increasing over time or not? An increasing number of users clearly states that particular crypto is being adopted, so therefore, it is a good investment.

Technology development:

Does the technology used behind it positive, and does it make sense to serve the purpose? Adapting technology means it is more likely to be adopted and commanding on the market against the competitors.

Market news:

Market news is very important to know what the market says. Is there any issue with the cryptocurrency that may affect your long term investment

So always read the news to stay updated on the developers to make more informed and healthy investment choices.

Cryptocurrency network effects:

Any cryptocurrency presented in the top 10 list of the coin market cap is considered as one of the trusted among the traders and crypto investors. One should not miss various factors while choosing new crypto coins to invest in 2022.

  • Great liquidity
  • Stable growth at the specific exchange
  • Scope of the further development in the ecosystem
  • The reputation of the developers and team members

Cryptocurrency investment tips

If you are looking to buy the best cryptocurrency to invest in long term, there are certain lists of tips that need to follow while choosing the best cryptocurrency to buy.

Start with a little amount:

If investment with crypto is your first time, you are eager to invest in cryptocurrency. Still, we strongly advise you not to be impatient and take enough time to learn more about cryptocurrency and learn basic trading strategies.

Prepare yourself as much as you can:

If you do not know about the Blockchain, Bitcoin, circulating supply, inflationary and deflationary supply, wallet and exchange, public and private keys, you may encounter the problem while investing in the cryptocurrency.

So first, prepare yourself by reading news or articles to invest in cryptocurrency for the long term. There are two types of investors who lose their money because of not knowing how to start and even how cryptocurrency works. Preparing yourself gives you an amazing experience and help you to take an amazing profitable decision regarding your investment.

Cryptocurrency Vs Stock Market:

Suppose you are a crypto lover and have a basic idea of how the stock market work; you may notice that there are two common things between these two. In both cases, one can buy or resell the movable property and profit against the property.

But there are fundamental differences between cryptocurrency and the stock market 

For example, stock exchanges are already well-established for many centuries, and the governed law and well-defined organization surround its functioning, while in cryptocurrencies, it is not governed by any central authority.

The best cryptocurrency for long term investment:

So many good cryptocurrencies that have proved themselves as best cryptocurrency to invest in the long term


It is the largest cryptocurrency globally and very popular in the market. It came into the limelight in 2009, and it is considered private money as it opposes the fiat currency that the Government governs. No institution and Government can control it. Bitcoin has a supply of around 21 million maximum tokens, and more than 18 million has already been mined. Bitcoin is considered one of the best cryptocurrencies in the long term.


It is the second-largest cryptocurrency as per the market capitalization, and it came into the limelight in 2014. It is considered the largest platform for the decentralized application, and it launched its cryptocurrency Ether used by the Ethereum platform.


Chainlink is also one of the best cryptocurrencies to invest in in 2022. It attracts retails as well as institutional investors. Chainlink nodes played a pivotal role in gaining popularity. These are configured to monitor the progress of any events to provide data to the smart contract.


It is an ADA token and known as an open-source project, and its value surprised everyone on reaching one USD the first time.


DCXa is one of the best new crypto coins to invest in 2022DCXa started its journey at 0.05 USD per token a few months back, and now it is available at one USD per token. DCXa has provided around 20x returns to the investors in just four months. So if you are looking to find the best cryptocurrency to invest in long term, DCXa is the best choice for you.

Where to buy cryptocurrency?

If you have made up your mind for the best penny cryptocurrency to buy now and have confusion about where we can buy the best cryptocurrency? 

The best place to buy any cryptocurrency either visits their website or can go with any popular exchange, and Coinbase is top of it. Whatever cryptocurrency you want to buy, just find it at Coinbase and follow simple steps to buy it.

But in the case of DCXa, you can visit the official website www.dcxa.io, create your account, buy a DCXa wallet, and fund your wallet to buy a DCXa token for long-term investment. 

How to store cryptocurrency safely?

If you are looking to invest in cryptocurrency for the long term, you should keep your digital assets away from the crypto trading platform because they can be hacked at any moment. So, the best way to keep your cryptocurrency is by acquiring a hardware wallet. The hardware wallet is the offline wallet that provides cold storage for your cryptocurrency, and it is impossible to hack. In this regard, Ledger Nano S is one of the best offline wallets in the world that allow investors to store a large number of cryptocurrencies, and it is very secure and can be retrieved easily.

In the case of the DCXa token, you cannot go anywhere; you just buy the DCXa token and keep it in the DCXa wallet for the long term. DCXa wallet is fully equipped with the necessary security parameters and ensures investors provide a secured wallet. 

Is cryptocurrency for the long term is safe or bad?

If we speak on the basis of historical data, yes, it is the best investment in the long term. Even its price has multiplied hundreds, even thousands time. For example, Bitcoin price was one USD about ten years ago, and now it is available at $35,000 per token. You can imagine those who invested in Bitcoin ten years ago, how much they have got the return in just ten years.

The best part is first familiarizing you with Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. Study the market and follow the trending news to find the best new crypto coins to invest in 2022.

If you are looking for a recommended cryptocurrency to buy, DCXa is the best choice as it has proven itself as the best cryptocurrency in the market.

Best Cryptocurrency is briskly entering the markets and becoming main stream for almost every business Best Cryptocurrencies trade are developed to be free from government manipulation and regulation. Although this has grown very popularly, its constitutional aspect has come under fire. 

Bitcoin is the best cryptocurrency to buy now. It is established on the leading blockchain technology, facilitating transactions across thousands of computer networks. It is one of the best platforms to invest in as it provides secure and safe trading, guarding you against fraudsters. It first came into the market in 2009 January. It had a token value of $1, and now over 13 years, it has a token value of $46,000. It has the highest market presently, which is over $882 billion. 

Apart from Bitcoin, the other best crypto to buy today are Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Cardano (ADA), PolkaDot(DOT), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Stellar (XLM), Dogecoin (DOGE), Binance coin (BNB), Tether (USDT), Monero (XMR).

Many people are still oblivious that Bitcoin is not the only cryptocurrency that one can invest in. There are plenty of options out there, but just be mindful of which crypto platform you are investing in, as each one of them is unique. 

The Top 5 Cryptocurrencies to Invest is:

  1. Ethereum (ETH)

It is bizarre to Bitcoin. The reason is that Ethereum is a cryptocurrency project. It allows its developers to create their cryptocurrency by drawing their ETH network. Even though its value is a trail compared to Bitcoin, it is still the leader of many other competitors. It just came out and still outpaced itself in the market because of the unique technology and best crypto coin to invest that it has adopted. It is the second-largest crypto back of Bitcoin.

  1. Binance Coins (BNB)

BNB has been endorsed as one of the most substantial investment options. The level has comparably increased level after years. It took to a market value of $36 at the beginning of Jan 2021. It further went up to a high market value of $683 by the mid-year and slipped back to $420.20 later on. It is the world’s largest crypto exchange, best crypto market but it is still a highly volatile investment regardless of its extensive performance. 

  1. Solana (SOL)

Solana has taken the crypto market to storm. It is one of the best cryptocurrencies to buy now. It was launched in 2021 with a market cap of 0.01% and took its position in the top 10 crypto market cap by September. It has given tough competition to Ethereum (ETH) based on a run for its money and ranks sixth in market value. It has excellent captivation in terms of the extensibility of its networks and speed across them. 

  1. Avalanche (AVAX)

AVAX is the contemporary layer one blockchain which advances the base protocol to make the process more scalable and secure. Avalanche has three respective blockchains which can validate the transactions independently, making it more adaptable and handling best investment of 2022 enormous transactions. It began trading in 2020, commencing a 24-hour coin offering. It fluttered from a low of $6.49 to $134.53 over the past year. It presently trades at a market value of $80.57

  1. True USD (TUSD)

TUSD has been a reliable coin. Its value tracks the US dollars, and as a result, True USD does not experience unpredictability. Its value is $1 or near to it, thus experiencing stability. The detriment is that you cannot buy at low prices and sell it higher to profit. But you can utilize it to hold your funds and convert them to cash if you want. TUSD provides its investors with a standardized token whose reserve reports are fully audited by a renowned company, Cohen & Company, a crypto audit and tax enterprise. Compared to another cryptocurrency project, Tether has a market value of $78.315 billion. 

Lately, a new crypto token known as DCXa has secured its place in the market. DCXa is one of the best cryptocurrencies to invest in nowIt has a feature of instant payment facility, which is acknowledged as a merchant and consumer security in the market. 

Some crypto platforms enjoy the extensive popularity of some zealous community backers and investors; nevertheless, these cryptos have little to no following or trading. Negotiate with skilled investors and then invest in any of the speculative products. 

Cryptocurrencies are a mania in every financial press these days. Every financial network confers the best crypto platform, Bitcoin, and keeps its screen updated with the current price. Even the average investors today are aware of the cryptocurrency movement. There are diversified options to invest in the crypto market away from the big names that have taken over in the market. There are many different investment plans, and each option is unique in its way. 

Cryptocurrencies are intriguing investors to expand their portfolios and invest a good amount of money. Many viable companies have started accepting cryptocurrencies as an authentic means of payment which is sky-rocketing the craze in people for investment. 

Cryptocurrency has advanced its global rise to eminence and provoking every investor to invest in the crypto market and earn potential benefits. There are a variety of exciting platforms which may harvest a good return in the forthcoming. 

Catalogued below are some cheap and best cryptocurrencies to buy


Coin Price: $0.9635

XRP is developed by Ripple, which is a blockchain company. It has a distributed ledger called XRP ledger, which uses an open-source. It expedites global transactions and can fix transactions faster. It was developed for payment purposes and is more reliable. best cryptocurrency to invest It also has a lower cost than the standard payment infrastructure globally. 

Chainlink (LINK)

Coin Price: $20.25

LINK is described as the off-chain computation and best real-world data enabler. Unlike Ethereum token, Chainlink has the power to decentralize the oracle network. It can extend to smart contracts as well as maintain the upside of safe crypto investment the blockchain technology used. Its price fits the investors and currently holds a value of $20 per coin, providing a chance for new investors to buy at lower prices


 Coin Price: $0.9995

The USD coin has a value pegged to that of the US dollar. This capability makes it comparatively stable and reliable. You cannot earn high here by obtaining the same thing at a lower price. Instead, you can earn through interest by lending your USD coin by disseminating it on a platform like Aave.

Tether (USDT)

Coin Price: $1

USDT is an ETH coin, which is still one of the economical cryptocurrencies available in the market. There are fewer chances of profit as, unlike the USD coin, Tether is also a stable coin that is one-to-one tied to the value of the US dollar. 

Shiba Inu (SHIB)

 Coin Price: $0.0000363

Shiba Inu has a market value of over $18 billion, despite its eccentric beginnings. It is only one amongst the many dog-themed cryptos right away available. A part of it has appealed to grow and invest in the community around it. That community has a non-fungible token project around SHIB. By expanding its appeal, it can fuel its growth. 

Excluding all the cryptos as mentioned above, Dogecoin (DOGE) is today’s best cryptocurrency to buy and the top crypto to invest in. It was created to take an intelligent take on Bitcoin. It commenced as a joke but has become entirely accurate for those gaining profit. It is undoubtedly the cheap coin to invest in 2022 as its coin price is only about $0.17. In the coming years, investing in DOGE will help you claim your real profits and pay them off. 

Of all the cryptocurrencies we have discussed, Bitcoin is in vogue and is the world’s largest cryptocurrency. It is a broadcasted database that records high transactions and account balances worldwide. It has excellent capitalization and is traded on the latest software known as blockchain technology. And it is also connected and runs over 15,000 computers. It has been tested as the highest staying power, and its time-tested status assures that Bitcoin is the best cryptocurrency to invest long term and will also popularly hold its value in 2022. 

Before Top investing in any new cryptocurrency, you need to study its entire aspects see its growth, mission, and vision. Cryptocurrency is defined as a token distribution only and regularly makes the token universally available. If these cryptocurrencies appropriately meet the standards, investing in a new cryptocurrency can be profitable.

In this case, DCXa is emerging crypto that can implement and compete with the latest standards and create an enhanced prospect for investors. 

The global market is filled with various cryptocurrencies tempting the users to make best cryptocurrencies investment and make a good profit. Cryptocurrency has now made its way into the worldwide market with a much better approach to help people become more in control of their wealth. It is a new way of transacting with more secure and safe transactions. The independent nature of Cryptocurrency, which is based on blockchain technology, sets it apart from other payment methods present. Cryptocurrency offers safety in commerce by keeping the essence of transaction peer to peer. The increasing benefits of crypto are leading many industries worldwide to use cryptocurrencies for their investment, transactional and operational purposes. However, we are well aware of all the goods cryptocurrency offers; but certainly, you are not here for that.

This blog will tell you about the top cryptocurrencies to invest in today.

  • What is the top cryptocurrency share price?
  • Which Cryptocurrency to buy?
  • Top cryptocurrency stocks
  • And you’ll get the answer for the best Cryptocurrency to invest in 2020?

Top Cryptocurrency to invest today

Cryptocurrency has been blooming for the last ten years, and we haven’t seen the market capitalization of Cryptocurrency going down in these ten years of the journey except in 2014. But without prolonging to past, let’s skip to the top cryptocurrencies you can invest today with minimum risk and chances of high return.

Bitcoin: Bitcoin is the largest Cryptocurrency investment by market capitalization. Bitcoin was first launched in 2009 at $1 and in recent December 2020. we have seen the rate of Bitcoin rise to $46000 per unit. Bitcoin has been the most expensive crypto in cryptocurrency history. The market capital of Bitcoin is over 882 billion dollars.


After Bitcoin, if anyone captured the market capital like this, it was the Ethereum. It is a cryptocurrency as well as a blockchain platform. Ethereum was first launched in April 2016 at the best price of $11. In January 2022, Ethereum recorded a record price of 3700$, including the increment in the value of Ethereum over 33500 per cent.

Binance coin 

Binance coin is a type of best coin to invest Cryptocurrency that can be used to pay on Binance. It was first launched in 2017 at a base price of 0.10 dollars. It is now settled at the highest of $3700, a gain of approximately 520 000 %.


Tether is the third-largest market capitalization and Cryptocurrency with over 78 billion dollars in market value. Tether is a specific cryptocurrency held by Fiat currencies like US dollars and the euro, which let it keep its value equal to one of these two denominations. This brings consistency to this best Cryptocurrency.

A few other cryptocurrencies that are the best to invest in are Solana

US dollar collar coin. 

Top cryptocurrency share prices

We have just suggested to you the top cryptocurrencies to invest you can look forward to investing here is a quick guide about the cryptocurrencies share prices

  • Bitcoin – 36,696$
  • Ethereum – 2389.79$
  • Binance coin – 380.05 $

Cryptocurrency has both effects on the market. On the one hand, Cryptocurrency is the most secure currency present. On the contrary, people are trying to do scams in cryptocurrency transactions. However, doing a scam in Cryptocurrency is not possible as it is backed by blockchain technology Still, there are a few things you should keep in mind when it comes to cryptocurrencies:

It would help if you always considered the reason you are investing before investing. It allows you to stay away from being greedy when needed.

If you are new to the world of Cryptocurrency and don’t just start with investment, wait for some time and get a feel about the industry, its ups and its downs.

You should know that in investment, best cryptocurrency exchange the timing is often crucial. It would be best to be confident in your timing, and research helps in this.

investment in a cryptocurrency and if these things are taken care of makes Cryptocurrency an investment.

If we look closely at the pattern of Crypto currency’s growth, it is pretty clear that early acquiring of a cryptocurrency always helps.

DCXa is an emerging cryptocurrency with unlimited potential, and all the things we mentioned here are safe and sound. DCXa is growing day by day, and no wonder, if it becomes the BTC or Ethereum.