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The global market is filled with various cryptocurrencies tempting the users to make best cryptocurrencies investment and make a good profit. Cryptocurrency has now made its way into the worldwide market with a much better approach to help people become more in control of their wealth. It is a new way of transacting with more secure and safe transactions. The independent nature of Cryptocurrency, which is based on blockchain technology, sets it apart from other payment methods present. Cryptocurrency offers safety in commerce by keeping the essence of transaction peer to peer. The increasing benefits of crypto are leading many industries worldwide to use cryptocurrencies for their investment, transactional and operational purposes. However, we are well aware of all the goods cryptocurrency offers; but certainly, you are not here for that.

This blog will tell you about the top cryptocurrencies to invest in today.

  • What is the top cryptocurrency share price?
  • Which Cryptocurrency to buy?
  • Top cryptocurrency stocks
  • And you’ll get the answer for the best Cryptocurrency to invest in 2020?

Top Cryptocurrency to invest today

Cryptocurrency has been blooming for the last ten years, and we haven’t seen the market capitalization of Cryptocurrency going down in these ten years of the journey except in 2014. But without prolonging to past, let’s skip to the top cryptocurrencies you can invest today with minimum risk and chances of high return.

Bitcoin: Bitcoin is the largest Cryptocurrency investment by market capitalization. Bitcoin was first launched in 2009 at $1 and in recent December 2020. we have seen the rate of Bitcoin rise to $46000 per unit. Bitcoin has been the most expensive crypto in cryptocurrency history. The market capital of Bitcoin is over 882 billion dollars.


After Bitcoin, if anyone captured the market capital like this, it was the Ethereum. It is a cryptocurrency as well as a blockchain platform. Ethereum was first launched in April 2016 at the best price of $11. In January 2022, Ethereum recorded a record price of 3700$, including the increment in the value of Ethereum over 33500 per cent.

Binance coin 

Binance coin is a type of best coin to invest Cryptocurrency that can be used to pay on Binance. It was first launched in 2017 at a base price of 0.10 dollars. It is now settled at the highest of $3700, a gain of approximately 520 000 %.


Tether is the third-largest market capitalization and Cryptocurrency with over 78 billion dollars in market value. Tether is a specific cryptocurrency held by Fiat currencies like US dollars and the euro, which let it keep its value equal to one of these two denominations. This brings consistency to this best Cryptocurrency.

A few other cryptocurrencies that are the best to invest in are Solana

US dollar collar coin. 

Top cryptocurrency share prices

We have just suggested to you the top cryptocurrencies to invest you can look forward to investing here is a quick guide about the cryptocurrencies share prices

  • Bitcoin – 36,696$
  • Ethereum – 2389.79$
  • Binance coin – 380.05 $

Cryptocurrency has both effects on the market. On the one hand, Cryptocurrency is the most secure currency present. On the contrary, people are trying to do scams in cryptocurrency transactions. However, doing a scam in Cryptocurrency is not possible as it is backed by blockchain technology Still, there are a few things you should keep in mind when it comes to cryptocurrencies:

It would help if you always considered the reason you are investing before investing. It allows you to stay away from being greedy when needed.

If you are new to the world of Cryptocurrency and don’t just start with investment, wait for some time and get a feel about the industry, its ups and its downs.

You should know that in investment, best cryptocurrency exchange the timing is often crucial. It would be best to be confident in your timing, and research helps in this.

investment in a cryptocurrency and if these things are taken care of makes Cryptocurrency an investment.

If we look closely at the pattern of Crypto currency’s growth, it is pretty clear that early acquiring of a cryptocurrency always helps.

DCXa is an emerging cryptocurrency with unlimited potential, and all the things we mentioned here are safe and sound. DCXa is growing day by day, and no wonder, if it becomes the BTC or Ethereum.